Willful Altering of State. How to control your life.

06 August 2016

Hey everyone,

I’m doing this blog because we all have an amazing ability within ourselves that everyone needs to know about! An ability that many are unaware of and don’t know how to use. This ability is what I like to call willful altering of state, which can be accessed through a technology called NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The understanding of this concept is what brought me out of my downwards spiral and turned my life around. I can now alter any mood that comes upon me and use it to live a perpetually happy life. There’s now no such thing as a bad mood. I’ve seen it cure anxiety and depression. Intrigued? You should be, it’s easy to do and extremely powerful. This blog is only going to scratch the surface of what this amazing system can do for your life.

First of all, what is Neuro Linguistic Programming? “Neuro- The nervous system. Linguistic- using language. Programming- A system for producing results. In essence, what this means is that NLP is the study of how to use your language both verbal and non-verbal to produce new results in your nervous system and thus in your life” – Anthony Robbins.


what is nlp3

Master your communication with yourself and you master your own life.


Ok, so we know what the system is called, how do we use it? First we have to understand what causes us to have feelings/emotions. A combination of our thoughts (verbal language) and our body language (non-verbal) is what causes us to feel emotions and take on certain states of being. Have you ever pretended to be sick? Adopted a sick body posture, and then thought sick thoughts by telling yourself and others that you are sick? Then actually started to feel sick!? Yes of course, because you have adopted the verbal and non-verbal language of the sick, therefore convincing your body that you are in fact sick.


Amazing right? Well, this works in the opposite way also. Try this, slump over in your chair and adopt the posture of someone who is sad and depressed. Now think to yourself, “I am so depressed, everything about my life sucks”. How do you feel? Not good I bet. Now sit up in your chair, adopt the posture of someone who has just had a massive triumph and is on top of the world. Put a massive beaming smile on your face and think to yourself “I am the greatest”! How do you feel? I bet you’re still smiling right now.

By monitoring and controlling our thoughts we can actually begin to program the thoughts that go through our head. By coupling this with controlling our body language we are able to program our whole nervous system into whatever state we want. Happy, sad, motivated, sleepy, You choose.

Next time you are in a bad mood, instead of wallowing in your sorrow. I know this sounds cheesy but think happy thoughts and adopt a posture of someone who is joyously happy. You will be amazed at what control you actually have over your thoughts, feelings and ultimately your state of being.

Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on this topic. I’m just someone who has used this technique to increase the quality of my life one hundred fold. If you want to learn more about this then there’s a great audio by Tony Robbins called “unlimited power” you can find it on Youtube. Alternatively, just search “how to use NLP” 


Start using your language to change your life today!


Rhys Margan

Spiral Up Fitness

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