The Easy Secret to Fat/Weight Loss

22 July 2016

This week’s blog will cover the easiest way (in my experience) to not only start people on their fat loss journey but to also assure they continue down that path for a long time.

First of all, what creates weight loss? Being in a calorie deficit for an extended period of time creates weight loss. What is a calorie deficit you ask? A calorie deficit is when you intake less energy (calories) than your body needs to maintain its current weight. When you do this, your body has no choice but to tap in to your reserve energy stores (fat and muscle) and burn those to generate energy for the body.  Now, we want FAT loss and not just WEIGHT loss. Weight loss applies to losing any type of weight, whether it be fat or muscle. We want to retain that muscle and lose the fat right?

This is where we introduce the correct macronutrient distribution. A macronutrient!? Never heard of it you say. Ahh but I’m willing to bet you have. Protein? Carbohydrates? Fat? Fibre? Yes, these are your macronutrients. We want to intake the correct distribution of these nutrients so that we retain as much muscle as possible and burn as much fat as possible. This way we are moving away from simple weight loss and into the realm of fat loss

I hear you say…Yes but I’m not a nutritionist, how do I work out my daily intake and then how do I calculate it! Simple. I’m going to give you three steps to do it all yourself. From here you can continue to lose fat for as long as you like and not have to pay anyone to teach you how!

Step 1: Go to Go to “help me find my daily calorie needs” Enter your statistics and what goal you want to achieve and it will tell you how many calories you need to achieve your goal. From there you put In your calorie value and click calculate. This will give you a good macronutrient distribution for fat Loss. Keep in mind that it does not show fibre. Your fibre should be 25-35g per day regardless of your goal.

Step 2: Download Myfitnesspal. This is a calorie counting application and will allow you to enter any food you can think of. It will also tell you the macronutrient distribution of any food. From here you create your own “meal plan” that adds up to the macronutrient values you were given by Once you have done this, go shopping. Buy the food you need. Prepare your meals for the week.

Step 3: Lose Fat. Repeat, Lose Fat. Repeat.

This is basically what I teach each and every one of my clients and we get some pretty awesome results from the ones that follow the system. Don’t forget to throw in a “cheat” or re-feed meal every 7 days to keep the body guessing – I will explain the importance of this in another article.

This is extremely simple, if you are willing to put 1 hour into learning how to do it and 2 hours into doing your meal prep, you will lose fat. Guaranteed.

Alternatively, if you would rather sit down and go through all of this in person, you may enter your details under the “book now” button and we will be in touch. 

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