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Located in Scarborough, Perth and led by personal trainer Rhys Margan, Spiral Up Fitness exists to create a positive change for those who are in need of it. It is a community of like-minded individuals who uplift and motivate one another to pursue a healthy lifestyle. 

We combine a variety of group fitness classes and programs with optimal nutrition education and planning to achieve fitness and weight loss results. For those that find it hard to train alone, or need the support of a friendly community, Spiral Up Fitness is the place for you.

What our clients say

I have been mentored personally by Rhys Margan, the owner of Spiral Up Fitness and he is a extremely committed individual. His drive to succeed and to make a huge impact on the world is truly inspiring. I would recommend Rhys to anyone who wants to make a big change in their lives… His drive comes from experiences during a dark part of his life which makes his passion to help others very powerful. Rhys is going places get on board now!

Jay van der Meer

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